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Terms & Conditions

What documentation must be presented?

For any type of communication to the tourist administration, the form of RESPONSIBLE DECLARATION REFERRING TO THE ACTIVITY OF HOTEL ESTABLISHMENTS AND TOURIST LODGES OF THE VALENCIAN COMMUNITY must be submitted electronically, duly completed and signed electronically, available in the associated forms section of this Procedure.


Those who intend to develop the activity of tourist accommodation, in any of its modalities, must submit electronically, duly completed and signed electronically, the responsible declaration form in which they state compliance with the requirements that apply to them for the type sought, and, in your case, classification, and the commitment to maintain them during the time the activity is in force.
The presentation of the declaration responsible for the start-up and tourist classification is mandatory for the exercise of the activity.
Mandatory documentation


- Responsible declaration form duly completed and signed electronically referred to in article 22 of Decree 10/2021, regulator of tourist accommodation in the Valencian Community,

a) in which it states:

- That you have enough title to dedicate the property to the accommodation activity in the declared modality.

- That the establishment has the general and specific technical requirements required by Decree 10/2021 for its classification in the declared group, modality, specialty and category and that it undertakes to maintain them during the validity of the activity.

- That you have a certificate of competent technician that certifies that the establishment meets the basic safety requirements, in case of fire, determined by the Technical Building Code, or regulation that replaces it.

- That a self-protection plan has been drawn up and implemented in the establishment, adjusted to the characteristics of the property, or an emergency plan where appropriate, in accordance with current regulations.

- That the establishment has the licenses, certificates or authorizations required by other departments or public administrations, especially urban, environmental and opening that, where appropriate, are required. When appropriate, because the establishment is located on common non-developable land, it will be expressly declared that the declaration of community interest has been obtained that attributes the corresponding tourist use and exploitation, or, where appropriate, that its exemption has been obtained in accordance with the legislation. current urban planning.

- That the establishment has civil liability insurance or another equivalent guarantee to cover the damages that may be caused in the development of its activity. The minimum amount of the insured capital is adjusted to the maximum places declared.

b) And, especially, in relation to hotel establishments together with the duly completed and electronically signed responsible declaration form, the following will be attached:

1. Self-assessment questionnaire, if applicable (mandatory for hotel establishments in the first group).

2. List of rooms and/or accommodation units that make up the hotel establishment (mandatory)

3. Any other documents that support your classification.